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Immerse Yourself in the World of Additive Manufacturing

Do you want to specialise in a field with pioneering subject matters? Then explore Additive Manufacturing with us in the context of lectures, a thesis, a doctorate or as a scientific research assistant.

For the elective course Additive Manufacturing the Institute for Digital Additive Production, short DAP, offers you the lectures AM 1 and AM 2 in a multitude of master programs with associated practices. In the lectures you learn more about the fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing (AM) as well as it’s potentials and fields of application. The lectures are structured in alignment with the digital and physical process chains. The language of instruction is German and English. After finishing the course you will be acquainted with the following topics:

  • Basic AM processes and it’s properties and applications
  • Current trends of development
  • Possibilities and limits of AM technology
  • Essential factors that have an influence on the economic application of the technology
  • General construction rules for AM-friendly production
  • Relevant post-manufacturing processes that follow the main processes
  • Challenges in and strategies for product liability and the question for intellectual property of AM-components

In the coming years this program will be extended by additional lectures.

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