When Ideas turn into businesses

Change Makerout of the DAP-Incubator

Turning your own ideas into reality, presenting them to the world and, thus, making it a little better: This requires above all courage and stamina. We, the DAP Chair, are proud to support and accompany committed and motivated employees on their way into their own business.

Laser Melting Innovations GmbH & Co. KG

Laser Melting Innovations (LMI) is an Aachen-based company dedicated to facilitate the access to innovative Additive Manufacturing processes for companies of all shapes and sizes.

LMI was founded in 2017 as a startup out of the Fraunhofer ILT and the Aachen Center for 3D Printing to transform a “low-cost laser powder bed fusion system” developed in previous years into a machine suitable for industrial use. In addition to marketing this LPBF system, LMI offers consulting and training packages on all aspects of Additive Manufacturing.

The LMI team can now look back on more than 20 years of experience in the field of Additive Manufacturing and has in-depth expertise in the areas of equipment and process technology.


Product Range

  • Consulting packages
  • Trainings
  • LPBF-System Alpha 140
    • Own Software (LMI SliceAM)
    • Building Volume: D140 mm x 200 mm
    • Fibre-coupled 200 W Diodelaser
    • Focus: D140 µm
    • Wavelength: 915 nm

HPL Technologies GmbH (WECODUR)

The objective and orientation of HPL Technologies is the industrial marketing of the WECODUR technology through, among other things, coating system development, prototype production, production and application know-how, manufacturing of production equipment and components as well as support in the ongoing production process. HPL is a reliable and efficient partner for the market launch of the WECODUR coating system.

The company HPL Technologies combines the competences of the cooperation partners along the WECODUR process chain. From technology development, machine and plant engineering as well as automation technology.