Next Level Alloy Development

Custom Alloys for Tool Manufacturing: The Potential of Additive Manufacturing

In an era where additive manufacturing is redefining industrial capabilities, customizing alloys for specific requirements is crucial.

As part of the IoP project (Internet of Production), Marie Bold (DAP) collaborated with colleagues at the Foundry Institute (GI) to merge CALPHAD simulations with HS DED-LB/M and create custom alloys for tool manufacturing.

The objective was to modify H11 steels, which are highly valued in the industry for their exceptional hardness and durability but are susceptible to cracking during additive processing. The modification of the alloy (known as H11m) decreased the proportion of retained austenite, which in turn reduced the need for subsequent heat treatments.

This modification is crucial because retained austenite has a negative impact on the mechanical properties of the alloys, and additional heat treatments are both expensive and time-consuming.

These achievements offer the potential for more efficient and cost-effective development and production of alloys for demanding applications, from aerospace to mechanical engineering. This reinforces additive manufacturing’s role as a key technology for future industrial applications.

The project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Optical microscopy of samples manufactured

Image 1: Optical microscopy of samples manufactured


Images of as-built samples

Image 1: LOM images of as-built 3DHSDED–LB/M samples


Jonas Boseila, M. Sc.

Jonas Boseila, M. Sc.

RWTH Aachen Chair
Digital Additive Production DAP
Campus-Boulevard 73
52074 Aachen


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