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A new opportunity for multi-material coatings: discover Separate Powder Injected DED-LB at SurfaceTechnology

This week, the SurfaceTechnology GERMANY opens its doors in Stuttgart! This international event brings together leading experts to present and discuss the latest innovations in surface technology.

We will also be there!

Our expert Stephan Kossß will give a presentation on “Advanced Coating Opportunities using laser based Separate Powder Injected High Speed Directed Energy Deposition.”

In his presentation, Stephan will provide insights into the Separate Powder Injected DED-LB technology and its various application possibilities.

📅 June 6th, 2024
📍 Hall 1, Booth H21
🕑 2:00 PM – 2:20 PM

Sneak Peek: How does this technology work?

Separate powder injection allows multiple materials to be fed individually into the process. This enables the powder mixing to be shifted from upstream to in-process, providing precise control of the laser-material interaction. As a result, the coating can be tailored for either homogeneous or segregated mixing behaviour over the layer height.

ACAM Web Seminar Announcement.
Stephan Koss, M. Sc.

Stephan Koß, M. Sc.

RWTH Aachen Chair
Digital Additive Production DAP
Campus-Boulevard 73
52074 Aachen

→ stephan.koss@dap.rwth-aachen.de

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