DAP Best-Practice Magazine, vol.2

Inventing the Future of Medical Technology

How the DAP Chair and Meotec are inventing the future of medical technology, developing patient-specific resorbable implants with innovative designs and new material compositions.

Conventional implants are expensive, invonvenient for patients, and often require follow-up surgeries. Patient-specific and bioresorbable metallic implants offer a gentler and more efficient alternative that can meet high demands. However, research in this area is still in its infancy. To accelerate the progress, the Chair Digital Additive Production DAP at RWTH Aachen University has teamed up with materials experts from Meotec GmbH, along with other project partners in the medical technology field. As part of the BMBF-funded BioStruct project, they have developed a procedure that has the potential to revolutionize medical technology.



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#IamDAP Henrik Kruse

#IamDAP Henrik Kruse

the faces behind our research #IamDAP: Henrik Kruse Henrik is a materials scientist who joined the Digital Product group in March 2021. He has had a passion for metallic materials since his undergraduate studies at RWTH Aachen. He first encountered Additive...