Next Level Alloy Development

Powder to the People: BlendAM’s Vision for Streamlining Alloy Development

Imagine a future where creating complex and high-strength alloys starts with a simple mixing of powders.

That future is being crafted today, thanks to the BlendAM project. This cutting-edge research is exploring the uncharted waters of powder mixtures in Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion of Metals (PBF-LB/M)

The main goal of BlendAM is to investigate the possibility of creating bespoke alloys by pre-mixing different metal powders and using them directly in PBF-LB/M printing.

Why does this matter?

The common process of creating metal alloy powders is time and cost demanding.

To create a usable homogeneous alloy for printing in PBF-LB/M, it is necessary to first melt different metals together and then atomize them into a fine powder.

The ability to print with pre-mixed metal powders without compromising material quality or structural properties would therefore make the development of new alloys more agile, by eliminating the need for separate powder atomisation each time.

BlendAM’s research could influence how materials are developed for additive manufacturing technologies, offering unprecedented flexibility and innovation.

So, what does this mean for industries across the globe? A new era of manufacturing possibilities, where the only limit is imagination?

Stay tuned as we continue to mix, melt, and mold the future of Additive Manufacturing!

Funding: DFG – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V.


‘Materials für Additive Manufacturing’, TU Berlin

Optical microscopy of samples manufactured

Image 1: BlendAM intention.


Jonas Boseila, M. Sc.

Jonas Boseila, M. Sc.

RWTH Aachen Chair
Digital Additive Production DAP
Campus-Boulevard 73
52074 Aachen


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