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Small Print matters: New 3D Printers for Gymnasium der Stadt Alsdorf

Learning is like 3Dprinting – It starts at the basic level, takes time and sometimes needs adjustments to reach a goal. And the earlier you start, the faster you get where you want to be. 🚀

That’s why we at the RWTH Aachen University Digital Additive Production DAP are very excited to be able to invest in our future engineers and innovators!

With the generous support of Ultimaker we provided six polymer 3D printers to Gymnasium der Stadt Alsdorf. These printers will allow students to explore the cutting-edge technology of Additive Manufacturing and bring their ideas to life.

It’s never too early to start learning about engineering new technologies and we are glad to see AM incorporated into the school routine. The 3D printers will initially used in grades 8 and 9 in the computer science and technology class. In addition to learning how the printers work, students are introduced to the geometry software GeoGebra, which allows them to design and ultimately print their own objects.

Big shout out to Ultimaker for making this happen!

And thanks to Stephan Ziegler, Vera Blazevic, Stefan Rogge and Daniel Marburger for coordinating the handover. 🙌

Stephan Ziegler, Stefan Rogge, Vera Blazevic and Daniel Marburger

Image 1: Stephan Ziegler, Stefan Rogge, Vera Blazevic and Daniel Marburger.


Ultimaker S3

Image 2: Ultimaker S3.

© Ultimaker BV.

Stephan Zielgler, M. Sc., M. Eng.

Stephan Ziegler, M. Eng., M. Sc., MBA

RWTH Aachen Chair
Digital Additive Production DAP
Campus-Boulevard 73
52074 Aachen


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