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#IamDAP: Miriam Ludwigs

Miriam has a bachelor’s degree in business psychology and is the group leader of the Shared Services group. Her daily businesses are finances, general administration coordinating with the marketing and communications department. She has been employed at RWTH Aachen University in 2013 and has been a permanent part of the DAP Chair since March 2021.

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Miriam, you have a bachelors degree in business psychology. Now you work at a chair for Additive Manufacturing. How did you end up working for us and what does psychology have to do with administration?

Because I have been working at RWTH University since 2013, I have already been able to get to know many areas of the university work. In the process, I discovered that I’m at my best when it comes to number and figures and thus saw the opportunity to contribute to the still young DAP Chair. I was already impressed by the young, agile and modern way of working. This has not changed until today.

Psychology is therefore important in administration because no workday is like any other and different, especially human, dynamics have to be taken into account here.

As of today, you are in charge of the Shared Services. What exactly are your tasks?

In addition to (project) management, Shared Services also includes marketing and communications. Basically, I see myself as the “handywoman” and I love not knowing exactly what my tasks are, because in addition to standard tasks such as personnel and project administration, new unpredictable tasks come my way every day. Despite the strict guidelines at the university, there were no routine processes at the chair, so we are able to design them in an agile way.

Let’s talk about project management : Before projects start or are completed, it takes several steps. At what point do you come into play?

Ususally I get involved quite early on when it comes to checking the calculated figures or offers from our research assistants. As soon as the project ideas become more solid, I am involved in a close exchange with the research assistants until the final project conclusion.

IamDAP: Miriam Ludwigs standing at her desk
IamDAP: Miriam Ludwigs kiting

You have whole different view on our work than the research assistants. What does the business psychologist say about additive manufacturing?

When it comes to 3D printing, before my time at the chair I only knew about polymer printing. Even though I moved from from a completely different field, I find it extremely exciting to see the possibilities of additive manufacturing and what contribution we can make to both research and society.

When you’re not skillfully maneuvering the DAP Chair through the ocean of administration, one can spot you gliding through non-metaphorical water on sailboats. Water in general is kind of your thing, right?

Yes, it is. Not to mention it’s wonderfully hydrating, I’ve more or less grown up with water sports and in the summer – if possible – I’m always out and about where there’s plenty of water. While others like to take it slow on vacation to rest, I#m searching for action. In winter, on the other hand, I’m attached to the frozen water on ski slopes or – in contrast to that – as an “Öcher Mäddche” to the Aachen carnival.

Miriam Ludwigs

Miriam Ludwigs, B. Sc.

RWTH Aachen Chair
Digital Additive Production DAP
Campus-Boulevard 73
52074 Aachen

→ miriam.ludwigs@dap.rwth-aachen.de

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